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Thank you for taking the time to make me aware about the problems with my survey.....I'm very sorry that you found it awkward in places. I'm doing research in this area as it really intrigues me but it is a learning process for me as well, I hope to grasp a better understanding of how people who live a polyamorous lifestyle negotiate jealousy and commitment. I wish I could change the survey you have mentioned above but I cannot change it presently as I will lose the data I have collected so far. I do sincerely apologize that it was not constructed in a better manner, I worked very hard on it and had a couple friends who live a polyamorous lifestyle take it before posting it for others.....

But I do want to thank you for taking the time to do the survey and to let me know what was lacking in it and I apologize that it did not allow you to answer some of the questions in the manner you would have liked to


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