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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Your story is coming out in pieces, so it is hard not to come to the wrong conclusions. Your tone comes off as pretty confrontational, but as you explain more and give us more details, that tone becomes understandable.

It seems to me that you are attempting to mask justifiable outrage under a veneer of logic.

What I'm hearing is that your fiancee has cheated, is possibly an NRE junkie, and has done little to earn your trust after breaking it many times. It sounds to me like she has abused your willingness to be accommodating to her and your desire to make her happy.

She does not sound polyamorous to me, and so your questions about polyamory in this context are impossible to answer properly.

Though I do believe Magdlyn's comments above are pretty insightful and bear consideration.
That's a rather interesting perspective. I don't actually believe she cheated because she never did anything to knowingly break my trust or hurt me. At least no more so than knowing I wouldn't be happy about it, but in her defense, I wouldn't be happy to know that she's sleeping with someone else, even if I accept it.

I agree that her comments do indeed beg consideration. ^^
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