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Isn't snowpea a neat name? I hope you post again soon LR I'm really enjoying your posts here. It calms me. I haven't got any poly issues at the moment but I suppose a bit like you I'm in expansion mode. You're studying - I'm writing for a living and my brain feels a bit like an out-of-shape body being put through bootcamp. I can't even post on polypeople at the moment (although my little e-book is being put in a US university digital poly section and someone has asked me to speak at some sort of poly conference next year). I'm struggling to keep up with my other blog lifebeyondstuff, even though that's had it's best week ever in terms of traffic.

I guess what I'm trying to say in all this ramble is that I know things must be full-on for you right now, and maybe it's hard for you to post as well but right now this is my favourite blog and with the nature of my work I follow a lot!
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