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I didn't say you are a bastard quite the contrary, you are hurt. I get that. I just don't see what I can offer if you have already decided that you are right and I am wrong. I offered my thoughts and you disagree. That is fine, but please don't assume you know that I am wrong. You obviously have not read anything I have written or you would know that I know a great deal about what you are talking about and am willing to share what I have learned because of it. All I'm saying is it sounds like you are stuck in your anger and when you are done, I would be more than willing to ebgage you. For now I will leave it to others.

Do me a favour though. Please don't assume I know nothing of what you are going through and am full of shit. If you have read anything of what I have written about myself for two years here (see how many posts in the right hand corner?) You will see I have a few years on your story. Mine was very similar.

Good luck to you. Take care of your baby girl. I can see why you would worry about her.
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