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I have a problem with some of the questions.

3. There are only two options. I feel there should at least be an "other" box
4. Why is "self" included? How can you not live with yourself?
6. What if you love many people and you love only one of them a bit less? Not that I can personally count, but are you supposed to say you had "a" favourite, when you loved 3 out of 4 people and had less of a connection with the fourth, or something? It seems poorly phrase (on top of being a pretty dick question to ask. It's like asking children if they have a favourite parents or parents if they have a favourite child)
8. My relationship is polyamorous with a single partner currently. What do a say, polyamorous with a primary partner? I don't do the primary/secondary hierarchy thing, I feel that's not really accurate of an answer. And it's not monogamous either since we're both poly. (And what is "open monogamous" even supposed to mean? Isn't that an oxymoron?)
16. I'm not sure how to answer these. I mean, if we use condoms until we're tested, do I check both? It's not the same as having to be tested and still using condoms afterwards, which some people do. And is approving of other partners really safer sex? If your partners approves of your other partners and you don't use any protection, you might still all get STDs...

I stopped writing my comments about there. Question 29 is the same as question 7 again, some questions that are on two lines have 2 checkboxes instead of one, lots of questions about favourites, lots of questions I'm not sure how to answer or that don't apply to me (what do you say when something is fine, but isn't happening right now?) Not too fond of this questionnaire, I have to say. I wish there were boxes to comment on each question, or somewhere at the end for the whole thing. Some of the questions are interesting, but some of them feel like I'm being asked "which of your kids do you enjoy beating up the most?" when I don't have kids, nor would I beat up any of them if I did. In other words, I'm not sure how to answer some questions at all.
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