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What a busy week it's been, mostly to do with work. I'm missing both my loves terribly as I haven't had much of anything to give to them this week. It looks like one more week of the crazies and then things settle a little bit.

I'm playing in our season home opener next weekend and have been elected team captain again. I'm glad that I'm being seen as a value to the team (especially since last year I hardly played at all). There's still a lot of talk about how not everyone who is playing this season are "A" players but you know what? We won our last game without some of these all 'round superstars. We are a good team who communicate well with each other and get things done. So what, we aren't winning games with such a huge margin, but we are winning and even better we are allowing people who don't normally play when the superstars are around to show that they are valued and that they have a role to play too.

On the work front, mid week I thought I was going to be laid off due to lack of funding for my program. That turned out to be a clerical error. Then yesterday my boss was told by someone that I'm job hunting. That was a bit of an awkward situation. There are some parts of my job that I love but it's becoming too much to handle because I'm expected to keep doing things to the same level as they add more and more to my role (without paying me anymore). It's time to move on to a job where the role is clearly defined and where I am not the only one working in the particular role.

As you can see from this blog entry there isn't much about relationships in it. I haven't been doing much in the way of being a partner this week. I've been really wrapped up in my own world of trying to get things done that need to get done. At least now there's a light at the end of the tunnel...year end budget stuff is done and the game will be done next week. Then it's time to focus some time on my loves and plan some really special things for them. The weather is warming up and I do have some ideas in mind.
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