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Let me start by saying I am glad I posted. This is a good community of people that can relate to this experience and have given me a lot insight. I don't feel so crazy for being confused about this situation.

So there's been a new development in the mix. I really love this guy and want him to be happy, so I am kind of torn. I introduced him to a girlfriend of mine and they really hit it off. She doesn't know about the situation at all. I wonder if he will pursue things with her. I am a little miserable because I know helping him find what he's looking for is ultimately going to end our romantic relationship. Its really hard for me but I think red pepper had a point of letting him be free. If he comes back to me he will have realized his feelings a bit more and also that the cookie cutter life of marriage and kids just the way he wants it isn't necessarily going to happen in some perfect idealized way... who knows. I think this will be challenging for me. I think my biggest hope is that we still remain friends and I still spend time with him.

Wish me luck. :-)

PS. He's been my boyfriend a brief amount of time. Like a little more than a month. I wish it could turn long term but I don't think at this time it would happen.
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