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Originally Posted by pheonixaise View Post
I work nearly full time, and go to school full time. I also have a child. I don't have that free time. My fiancee however, is a stay at home mom and has all the free time she can ask for. A schedule is almost null and void. I'm afraid I'm just not willing to provide for someone who is only there 5 nights a week when I get home, and then I have to watch the baby on my own, after a 12 hour day the other two nights.
So, you require her to be there seven nights a week, is that it? After a full day's work as a homemaker and mother? Bit of a dictatorship, no?

Yes, I too found this part of your complaint unreasonable, and also wonder if fostering animals and fucking around at Pennsic will really help her. Why not a committed secondary bf for her, who also cares about her as much as you do? Instead of an "outlet" of random sex with whomever she meets at an event? Wouldn't that be a more loving thing for you to be okay with? Wouldn't it be best for your daughter if you both had such stability?
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