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Originally Posted by pheonixaise View Post
Basically, we have decided that her need for sexual expression and NRE may be focused in a day to day lifestyle through other means. Namely, through the fostering of animals and through a home daycare.
If she is a stay at home mom she is probably in desperate need of regular ADULT contact. I don't quite understand how giving her more children to take care of and pets will do anything but make the need for adult contact away from kids worse. You mentioned that she as a stay at home mom has all the "free time" she can get. I'm sorry, this was so rude and disrespectful to all stay at home moms who WORK THEIR ASS OFF not only the 12 hours their partners are at work, but all the way through bed time as well. It sounds like you have no respect for her contribution to your household. I find it really sad that you aren't willing to watch the kid or hire a sitter a few nights a week so she can get some outside adult contact (even if it's just going bowling or such with a group of friends).
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