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Agreed. There is certainly an amount of anger here. However, we have talked with each other about it last night actually, and come up with a rather decent compromise I believe ^^

Basically, we have decided that her need for sexual expression and NRE may be focused in a day to day lifestyle through other means. Namely, through the fostering of animals and through a home daycare. Turns out, she feels that making those new connections and having something to focus on may be all she needs. However, on vacations to places such as Beltane, Pennsic, and other such camping trips where poly is readily available and accepted by all involved, such adventures will not affect the stability of my life, nor will it leave her with no outlet for her free nature.

This compromise is a wonderful breakthrough in my opinion, because it eliminates most of the anxiety I feel about having to deal with emotion crisis on a somewhat daily basis. I over analyze things, I realize that, and I do have alot of (albeit justified) vehement anger involved through the pains I have suffered (I've done things such as driven her 45 miles to see a boyfriend, where I sat on the front porch while she had sex with him) throughout our relationship.

Wonderful news! A lot of your suggestions helped us come to this conclusion guys! I also wanted to say that I never meant to depict her as in any way cruel or a bad person. She is, with the exception of my daughter, the most wonderful person I've ever met!
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