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Was just about to turn in for the night when I realised I hadn't shared something that is important to the whole acceptance process... during our very long talk today/yesterday... it came out that WW is in 'One Penis Policy' mode... he stated unequivocally that he would be okay with me having a relationship with a women because it would be blatantly obvious she was providing me with something he could not (blatant being - biologically speaking) and vice versa.

So he is not actually against polyamory itself... he has an OPP in his head/gut... now I know I said I may possibly be bi-curious - but again it would be with a very special woman who just clicked... and frankly I had my 'lesbian experience' in high school and wasn't overly captivated by it - still friends with her btw. The point being that I am essentially hetero with no urge to deviate from that, so the OPP is a problem.

Gonna leave the thought there (It's 2am here) and head to bed... any thoughts/advice welcome...
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