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One penis policies are just not an option for me in my world. I think that its hypocritical also... as Flamecat does. They hark of control and manipulation of women and that just doesn't sit for me.

Mono thinks that your situation is similar to mine and his... there are some glaring differences... A. He and I have been together for two years, the two of you, two months, B. He will not be having sex out side of our commitment EVER. I own that cock (In a D/s sense). He is bound to me and if he ever does ask for that or cheats, he and I will be making some fucking HUGE changes. Sorry, this sounds angry, but I am just being firm

As for you two? Well, if I were in your situation I would not be happy at all with my mono man going out and having a hook up if I had to suck it up and not be free to decide what I want to do for myself. Emotions or not, I just simply see no difference. He can do it, I can do it, end of story. Besides, that is not mono, that is open to me and if he is open then I reckon I can be.

One month is not long enough to think that this is going to last. It's too short a time I think. It's a time of huge NRE and huge illusions about who a person is even though you think you might know them.

I suggest that you pace yourself and wait awhile until you have settled into the fact that you moved and to the relationship you have before making attempts to change it by adding others. You said you waited, but that was a token of waiting, not REAL waiting I think. You don't have a groove yet in the relationship you have together...

I just don't think you would be giving yourself a solid foundation if you branch out yet and push the poly thing... besides the whole "hooking up" thing is just kinda creepy to me for some reason. What is that all about,,,, really? You really think you can say no you can't go fuck a guy you love but I can go and have random sex with a stranger I met on line? BAH< I don't get how that works!
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