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Default What have I gotten myself into?

If you keep blowing off your friend, you know the one who you think should be ok being stood up or second shelved because they know you just a lot stuff going on? Repeatedly!! Afterall they know you love 'em. (you proclaim it in text messages every day) <3 They know you have hang ups but they show you love unconditionally, so it will be ok.

You better start treating them with the same respect you want to be given. Or they will stop trying to make you feel important. They’ll give up, or maybe they will start feel all creepy & stalkery. They may still love you, but they will start to realize that they aren’t that important to you.

Unless, of your course, you have been trying to give them the hint. In that case I guess you will be relieved when they finally take it.

Either way.

You know I am venting right? The sarcasm didn't give me away did it? <3

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