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For most of us, someday, yes.

To qualify that, I'd like to say that I'm not a huge fan of generalizations. Everyone is different, and takes emotional stresses differently. Some people take the stressor of having a loved one cheat on them by getting angry and breaking things. Other try and get even by sleeping around themselves. Some get depressed and obsess over it for days, weeks, months, years (my own personal reaction, so you're not alone, bud). Everyone takes a breach of trust differently, and it hurts different people in different ways.

But for most people, eventually, the pain goes away. It's very likely that some day, you're going to look back on the whole thing and go "Hah! That was the stupidest thing she could have ever done." But it takes time, it takes looking to the future (rather than dwelling in the past), and it takes a shift in your mindset. Stop looking at the ending of your relationship as a loss, and instead, look at it as a learning opportunity. How will your next relationship(s) be better than that one? What have you learned, and how are you going to apply that knowledge?
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