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I'm sorry for you that someone reacted so negatively and judgementally. We haven't had much success with the family members we've been outed to, so I know the feeling. I don't like to be defensive and I feel really bad for Sundance (my husband) when he feels backed into a corner too. We're trying to keep things private for now. That is hard for me, because I like to love out loud, and I want to be as authentic as I possibly can. But until we are more rock solid in our poly lifestyle, ourselves, I think it is better to keep it to ourselves as much as we can for awhile. We are still easily shaken by the opinions of others, because this is so new to us. But it has really strengthened our bond, supporting each other in it, and educating ourselves as we journey on. And -- at least we have this forum, where we can always find the love and encouragement we need!
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