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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
My over-active imagination tell me that if they were "still five" then why aren't the "five" still posting here? They probably all broke back up into their respective dyads (and perhaps some of the dyads broke up too).
Maybe, although when I separated with Raga I had a period of time not posting much on the forums, because I had a lot on my mind and also because I felt like such a loser. I mean, I felt like I had become one of these people that people use as an example of why "poly doesn't work". You, know, "I knew a couple and they tried poly and they broke up", that kind of thing. Even though that's not how it happened, that's surely how it must have seemed to everyone...

But now I'm in a dyad and I'm posting again, because poly still is who I am. So I don't think if they broke up into "smaller chunks" that it necessarily means they're not poly and would stop posting. Maybe it's more about not wanting to "meet each other" here too much. This forum was much more the place where I used to go than the place Raga used to go, and he decided poly wasn't for him in the end, so I don't run much risk of making it harder for the two of us by showing up here, but it might be a different story for them. Even if they're still five.

But hey, you may be right. I still would like to know what happened to them, though, I hope one or more will show back up to give us an update sometime.
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