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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I can't remember any of their names right now, but we've had a group of 7 people on the forum who were all in a relationship together. It was 3 couples and one individual, so most of them had a primary and weren't with everyone on the exact same level (I believe they went to bed to sleep with their respective other half), but they were all romantically and sexually attached to one another. They were divided into 2 households.

I remember thinking that would be way too much for me! Are they still around these days?
It sounds like you might be talking about the same group I mentioned earlier, maybe? :
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Selene, who was married to Andulvar and dating Marius, Company, and Thunder, as well as Vegeta and Ariel. I think they all lived in two houses, but then I believe Vegeta and Ariel broke it off (somewhat dramatically, if I recall) and left the tribe.
Their blogs are here:
Life In My Circle House
Fun Happens Late
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