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I guess it's hard for me to wrap my head around why I would stop loving someone just because I'm not with them, and why I would want to do that in order to meet someone else when I might not end up doing so.

I have noticed that I never stop being in love with anyone I've ever loved, the feeling is always there, and I thought it was falling in love with a new person that "washed that away" for mono people... But are you saying you can stop loving someone, or indeed HAVE to stop loving someone before loving someone else? But how do you stop?
I guess that's the hard part for me. Trying to picture not loving the people I've loved anymore. And it doesn't mean I want a relationship with them - we've both evolved past that point, some of them we never even were at a point when we could have dated - but I can't think about them and not feel it.
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