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I forgot to add that I feel the age thing is harder being so young for a few reasons.

One is that while I am still a student and starting out so new in life, the support of my parents is important. Coming out to them might mean losing the relationships I have with them. Am not saying this would be easy at any age, yet I find that if I had children in the picture and my parents were not in my life, I'd be limiting my kids from knowing their grandparents. I don't know, I feel like at this age we depend on our parents support and guidance through things I've yet to experience. Kids being on of them, but also buying a house and just things you'd call and ask them about in rough times.

To be 40 and have most things figured out and squared away... you don't depend on your parents as much.

I might make this clear though, in my particular situation, i already feel very independent from my parents and would be willing to sacrifice my relationship with them if it meant being true to myself... but my husband and boyfriend could not so easily live without their parents acceptance. My boyfriends mom died when he was 10 and has abandonment issues. He clings to what family he still has..

I am by no means rejecting that there is life after 40 lol. I understand that You could almost have to start all over at any age and be just as lost. I guess it just seems easier in a sense, like maybe maturity has made it easier to be independent... i am not sure.

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