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Originally Posted by Myrddin View Post
Another of those things that shouldn't make a difference but does is that three of my friends are getting married this year (to different people, I mean). It's hard to move against the flow towards a more experimental lifestyle.

Why shouldn't this make a difference? This is your reality, your friends and a valid desire to be accepted and fit in. It will be hard for you to socialize with your newlywed friends for sure....don't doubt that. In order to have depth and openess with people we have a terndancy to need to share apsects of our life with them. Who you are in love with and spend time with is an integral part of least for me. That is why I came out to the most impaortnat people in my life. I felt like I was not really with them because I couldn't tell them what I was doing on the weekend without giving a bigger picture or flat out lying to them.

Being accepted and respected by our friends is a very important thing to most people.

Your friends could be immediately accepting...but that would be more rare than the opposite reaction.

I'm not saying you should not pursue this. I'm just telling you you are in for a struggle. Make sure the relationship is worth it for you my friend. This is the tip of the iceberg.

As a side note, when my relationship first started up, one aspect of my New Relationship Energy was that it made me invulnerable to the opinions of others. As time went on and changes occured, aspects of NRE wore off as they usually do. One of those was my invulnerablity. I do care about the opinions of others again.

I've basically distanced myself from much of my old social scene. Now I reside in between two communities; never feeling quite a part of either but enjoying aspects of both.

I love Redpepper and she is worth it. Over two years and I am one lucky and happy guy
Take care

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