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Okay, so I may need to clarify that I am all for enjoying the moment. I see that in typical monogamous relationships there's a road map of marriage and kids. In poly situations there definitely is no road map. I like the idea of letting things naturally transition to whatever may take course. If that means we become friends when he moves on, or if that means he ends up deciding to get more serious in our relationship.

I wrote the parts of uncertainty because I have to live in his world of cants. Of course I see the option of long term life time commitment and maybe even kids, but in his world those things "should" be with someone else. He would have a harder time dealing with family and friends than I would. But these Are things I respect. If I sign up for something. I can't complain. I am supportive of his monogamous lifestyle and desires.

When we last discussed it, we did come to an agreement. He was starting to act a little different. More guarded. It was a few days after telling each other we loved one another. I asked him to open up about his feelings And not to worry about my feelings. I wanted him to be comfortable letting me know his feelings and concerns regarding the situation.

We eventually landed on just continuing and letting things naturally transition when he meets someone he thinks is appealing to date seriously. In the mean time, I told him I don't want guarded, held back feelings. He understood that and is happy to let us both feel these natural feelings of love and happiness while we spend time together. I enjoy this opportunity to spend moments of my life, however long, with him. I think this whole thing is worth it.

:-) I know I am young and that time will have me realizing that there is no cookie cutter situation in any relationship. During all of this, my main ingredient to keeping both relationships happy is having fun together.

Thanks for the replies!

And redpepper. I could walk away, but it just doesn't feel right. There are a few ways that I think my presence in his life has been very positive. I think it had encouraged him that he wont be lonely, since he has been the past year, and that there Are people out there that he can connect with who will love him for him. Its a good lesson even if obvious. ;-)

Oh and I wrote this from my phone so excuse typos!
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