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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I had a crush on Maca's gf. I can't say she didn't also have a crush on me possibly, but certainly not the same way/depth/level.

I adore her, she's a doll. But, I have to limit my time around them, because I get jealous of the attention she gives him... I know-fucking assbackwards. I just wish...

She's a sweetheart, treats me with love, respect, honor. I absolutely fell for her when she wrote in a note to me "thank you for sharing your M with me." It seems silly even to me, when I repeat it. But when she wrote that and I read it-it just drove straight into my heart. It was such a metamouristic thing to say (yes I made that word up) and I thought OMG she's SO amazing!

She's intelligent, beautiful, sexy, fun, sincere, caring, considerate, patient, accepting...
I could go on and on and on....

Hey! Sounds like you're in love. Questions coming. You mix past and present tenses here [you'll love French verbs!]: "I had a crush", "I can't say she didn't also have a crush", "I adore her". So, has she still (maybe) got a crush on you? Do you still have a crush on her? Is bi a possibility for both of you? Is there a really big deal about "certainly not the same way/depth/level"? Wouldn't this (maybe) work itself out (level out / reach dizzy heights together) if you were to get involved romantically and/or sexually? Or would that REALLY drive Maca over the edge?//

Just questions from a somewhat shy Yeti curious about those human polys...

Is she the one that likes straggly beards? in that case, I agree with everything you say about her!
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