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Oh that is so too bad! I feel for you... hang in there... you can do it.

When I married PN we had a Wiccan ceremony and the relatives on his side walked on the beach (camping wedding at a park) while we had our hideous pagan ritual his uncle called me up the night before and wanted me to come over to show him the ceremony we had written up. WHAT THE FUCK? Who the hell did he think he was? On the eve of my wedding. I was livid. It has taken years for them to accept us. They had no idea that we were actually already married. They knew that we were not having a legal wedding but didn't think we had already made it legal. They even wrote on the card that Jesus would not accept us until we married in a church and signed the proper papers!

The whole thing was uncomfortable just in the prep work. The actually day was fantastic because we decided to walk in with pride and completely fall into it just for us, no one else. We were confident and happy and ignored anyone that came in our way that was negative. I remember just saying excuse me and stepping out of the way and walking on when someone started in on my relationship with Jesus and how they were concerned... I flat out ignored them. It was my day damned it... not theirs!

Good luck. *hugs*
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