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I would say 95% of our friends know (good friends) and about 20% of our family knows so far. With our friends, all but one (whom you might have read as they psyco) hasn't really flinched when we told them. Most were aware of our previous relationship and want us to be happy. Some are concerned and maybe don't understand it really, but they are supportive.
As for family, I can only speak for my side, One of my cousins know, and my birthmother (Was adopted) and brother and his gf know. That's it. She's more like a sister to me though than a cousin. She's always supportive and wants me to be happy. The only reason my parents don't know is I want them to see our relationship is strong and established. Especially after just coming out of a long, unhealthy relationship and moving half way around the world. I don't plan on hiding it from them forever. They've already commented on how much happier I sound and look (while on skype) now I'm here.
As for anyone else, I really don't care what they think. The kids have seen some affection on all our parts and haven't seemed to think twice about it. Really their wellbeing is all I care about besides, my loves obviously. No one elses oppinion matters. They'll deal and stick around or they wont, and if they don't, then they're not worth my love and attention.
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