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Originally Posted by OhioLove View Post
Thank you so much for writing!
So...a couple questions.

1) Would you be interested in forming a poly group/meeting? In our town, recently, we met 2 poly people (besides my husband and I), and we have been toying with the idea of a support group besides just this virtual space.

2) How did you decide who to come out to? What was your decision-making process like? Also, do you wonder if those select people will accidentally tell others?

3) I am soooo curious. Did your boyfriend have a friendship with your husband before you began dating? Does your husband and boyfriend have a physical relationship at all? I am so interested!
We are not exactly out -- in fact, I think I'm still a little bit paranoid about it We've only been in our arrangement since October 2010. We have kids and so does my bf "Butch Cassidy", and all our kids are friends, so we have to be very sensitive to that.

We have shared with some of our closest, more open-minded friends and they are cool with it. One friend said, "Wow, that's pretty cool he lets you have a fuck buddy." Well, it's more than that of course, but this particular friend is a bit shallow! Another said, "I just couldn't do it. And my husband couldn't either. We're both just way too jealous."

I did share with my 23-year old daughter, who is very open minded. Unfortunately, she leaked it to my 28-year old daughter, who is much more conservative and is not speaking to me because of it The oldest then immediately called my MOTHER. Then my SISTER....

I think we have stopped the telephone line now, so we are relieved. My mom and my sister don't think it's a "good idea," but they are staying out of it, for the most part. Both knew I had strong feelings for Butch for a long time so they weren't entirely surprised. What they were surprised about is that my husband decided to "allow" it to continue. They say that is never going to work. Well, ha, it's working! There are other people in our family who we really, really do not want this to get out to, at least not now. Especially because Butch is a very private person.

So, as much as I fantasize about forming a poly meet-up group, I guess I'm still pretty shy about it, but we'll see. We are getting stronger every day.

In our V, both guys are strictly straight; there is absolutely no sex between them at all. However, they are best friends and our arrangement has brought them much closer. Butch was a neighbor; we were friends with him and his wife but she was a HATER and we finally couldn't take it anymore -- and neither could he. They finally split and he found a place very close by.

Looking forward to getting to know you more!
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