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Default guys are funny!!

I just wanted to contribute that I have a small circle of lovers and friends. 6 months ago it was quite a bit larger. I did visuals of them (see attached). The more complicated one is outdated, but it shows the complex possibillities and every time you add a person the configuration can change. Look at if for a momement. The Circles/F's are females....the Squares/M's are Males. The purple lines connect people who are aquaintances or friends, but non sexual and the number in the line is the number of years they've known one another. The Green lines connect people who are sexual and the number in the green line is the amount of years they have known one another. -1 means less than 1 year. I'm represented by F1 Idealist in the center!! There are 4 momonagmous people in the group.
The more simple drawing is current. The Red lines connect sexual partners and the green lines connect aquanitances or friends.
I totally believe that you can love many more than 4 or 5 people, but (for me) my love relationships aren't fufulling if we can't have a social life together. And more than just a social life- meaningful connections. That is why my circle has changed. For me, it's more about quality rather than quantity. I'm trying to find a good balance of people that interact well together and that is tricky.
Good luck!!!!!
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