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@ Beodude: First of all, kudos on asking J to look in on Jen and comfort her when you couldn't be there for her!

My idea on jealousy (and elsewhere I've distinguished between 2 types of "jealousy") is that it's a sign of insecurity. You seem to be sure that Jen isn't about to stop loving you or even love somebody more than you. So I'm asking myself (I get these crazy ideas and throw them into the pot) if maybe you - deep down - feel that you're unworthy of love. A lot of us have this idea drummed into us when we're young. I have to admit that this is a bit of delayed projection on my part: when I was a teenager I was convinced that I was unlovable, so that any time that somebody tried to get close, I couldn't believe that they could really care for me. Most of this is besides the point (aside from to say that I've been there) but my question to you is: Do you love yourself? You know that Jen loves you, so that's not the problem. Maybe - just maybe - if you were sure of your love for yourself, the jealousy wouldn't hurt so?

And - as I think I've already written before on this thread (or was it another one?) - be patient with the jealousy thing, be gentle on yourself. It'll take time. (But that detail about asking J to comfort Jen is a sure sign that you're heading there.)

All the best!
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