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Ray, I just wanted to quickly say how sorry I am to hear you're having such a hard time. I also feel that most people would find this very, very difficult - It wouldn't be an easy thing for most of us to deal with. You're not alone - We'd all find it hard.

Yes, please focus on yourself, be very kind to yourself - You have friends around you - let yourself be cared for, it's an important part of the love highway - letting it go both ways.

I'm also pleased to hear you have a therapist. There's certainly times in life when it's really important to recognise you need people around you to help you through it. I saw a therapist for 18mths after a difficult breakthrough, it was a great process for me, and has improved my life in many, many ways.

Take care, It may be helpful to find happiness in the little things for a time..
And heal, it's not a race...take the time to do it properly..

Best wishes
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