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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Mono, the parts you quote don't say that they killed their young, only that they eat them if they die. That's different, I think. It's still possible that they kill their offspring, but I don't think the quotes you shared prove that.
You're right actually. That is only one source and others mention that it is rare for Bonobos to kill their young. I can't find any documentation stating specifically that a bonobo was witnessed killing it's own young before eating it. They do however hunt other primates and eat them and unlike chimps the females also participate in hunting. I don't hate Bonobos, I just recognize that they are not all peace and love and commit acts of violence just like any other primate. Along a similar myth of seeing some animals as beautifully peaceful intelligent creatures is the documented studies of Bottle Nose Dolphins who are almost unique in nature for apparently killing for pleasure. Every species with intellect has it's dark side.

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