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Hey Beo,

I posted some advice that was really for both of you on Jen's thread, then came over here to read yours. Only one more thing to add, really -- reading your first post, it sounded like you were pretty ok until the question of intercourse kept coming up. If that's a boundary for you, I really think that's *ok* for now. Don't feel like it's inevitable that that boundary's going to be crossed before you're ready. Ideally we should all work out all of our fears and not have to have so many rules, and hopefully that will happen for you but for now... all of this is so so new, if you have a limit you need to set, well, it doesn't *have* to make sense as long as you're not just setting the limit out of spite (which doesn't sound at all like the case). Take a little more time with it and keep working, don't allow yourself to be rushed such that you end up feeling worse! It'll be better for *everyone*... you, her, him... if you're truly in a good place.
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