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The real sticky point is the people who have already bought tickets to fly in. I have no idea what to do with them if we elope. I feel like we need to give them some sort of significant experience or they will be disappointed and maybe angry.

My fiance and I both have college degrees, yet we don't have much to put on our resumes because he played internet poker to fund his global travels for 5 years, and I've been sick. My father's has been the only place I could work for. Though I seem to be improving, I would literally fall asleep under the desk, while I was supposed to be working. I've misplaced hundreds of dollars because I was so tired I couldn't pay attention to things. I did and do have my strong suits. But not super employable for a while there. My fiance I think will skidaddle as soon after the wedding as possible, and I will follow as soon as I can to the land of other jobs.