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Default Clarification

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post

1) Safe-sex inside the group, yay! Probably not a problem this early on in the relationship, but have you thought about possible outside crushes and how to deal with them? It seems your hubby would be most comfortable with one-penis-policy, but is that really realistic?
We are all good with the one-penis policy. When gf finds a new boyfriend, it will most likely be over.
Also, safe-sex as in being fluid-bonded inside the group? How about babies? I know it sounds silly to ask this, but things like these happen - condom breakage, forgetting the pill etc.
I guess I should have added that rule...NO BABIES. We are taking precautions.
2) Rules 2 and 3 seem very sensible. However, what's behind rule 1? Too different morning-habits?
I saw that somewhere on a forum. I thought it made sense. We all spend the night together when we can, but unless someone is out of town, we need to stay the night in our own respective beds. Her kids don't need to know everything! lol
3) The reasons you describe for your hubby and gf arguing seem very basic 'new relationship, shitloads of insecurity' -stuff. Since you were the primus motor behind this triad, they might not have yet had the opportunity to develop their relationship. To encourage that, independent hook-ups, dates etc. might help.
We did talk about date nights and hookups, and that is all OK with everyone.
You have a very healthy attitude to working things out together.
Thanks for that. I feel like a bit of a freak right now. lol But I know it will all be worth the adjustment.
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