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We had a very similar problem, I worked with our last girlfriend & my wife did not get to see her enough & felt left out a lot.

being the man I think its up to the man to make sure each girl knows how he feels & make sure to spend most of your time with both of them...

Maintaining 1 relationship is a lot of work, maintaining a triangle relationship is 10 TIMES more work, you have to REALLY want it to make it work.

As for letting them know your interested the key is TALKING you MUST communicate in a triad relationship or IT WILL fall apart.
If you really want it its time to stop holding back & tell people how you feel, hopefully all will be willing to sit down & talk honestly, holding nothing back.

If you want it to last start with that strong foundation of honesty, openness & trust.

It CAN work.
"The more a thing is perfect, the more if feels pleasure and pain."

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