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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
According to Sex at Dawn, bonobos do not practice infanticide. .
Yeah I used to think that too until I looked into other sources of information. Bonobos are highly romantisized (spelled wrong) and certainly stand out among primates. They do have all the usual tendencies of other primates though.


"But we now know they do hunt monkeys. So I think eating an already dead baby says little about bonobos in that respect.

"Bonobos are often used in a symbolic way, held up as the sexy, peaceful 'Hippy Chimps'.

"The fact that they eat monkeys and consume their own dead offspring may not accord with this view, but I personally don't see this as a problem."

"The idea of the 'Hippy Chimp' is more a metaphor than a scientific argument," he continues. "

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