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Default Multiple-member relationships? (More than 3 or 4)

Hi! I've been contributing to this web-site for about 7 weeks now, reading with interest other people’s life- and poly-stories, sharing some of my own. But much of what I've read concerns Vs, triads, and (less often) 4-people relationships. Also polys who have various relationships with several people who don’t know each other.

I'd be very interested in reading about larger groups. Not necessarily groups where everybody is sexually active with everybody else (or most of them). But where at least MOST of the people in the whole tangle know and like each other... and especially instances where the whole tangle considers itself “family” – whether you all live together or not. I guess that this would be my ideal, but I can imagine lots of difficulties that would have to be overcome. So I'd appreciate it if those of you with experience could share insights, joys, pains, advice, whatever...

I've written on other threads that “Love is infinite”, but is this just a nice cliché? I hope not.

p.s. Can anybody suggest other tags for this thread? I'm willing to remove one or more of those I've used if you can come up with better ones.
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