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Originally Posted by koifish View Post
The people at the meeting were my mother, stepmother and father, btw.
Did they each have take issue with your situation?
You work for your father?
Wedding is at your mothers home?
May I ask your age(s)?

Originally Posted by koifish View Post
Also,we were going to do a quaker style ceremony with a moment of silence followed by a few minutes during which people can stand up and say something or read something. Hopefully nice things.

This seems like a bad idea now. It figured prominently on our invites, unfortunately.
I think it's a beautiful idea-I'd do it anyway. I'd simply have the person whose opening it for comments to emphasize that all comments are to be positive, loving, friendly and supportive. That would be easy to word in a way that was encouraging and didn't come across as a "warning" per se-but it would also serve as a "reminder" to people that their negative two cents wasn't being requested...
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