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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Hi and welcome!

Agree fully with the above posters. However, could you give us a little more background on your situation? How long have you all known each other before embarking on a relationship? Do all three of you self-identify as poly? Are there any other relationships going on outside of your triad? Is it a triad or a vee? Do you all live together? Are there kids involved? Do you spend all the time together the three of you? In bed, too? How did your current situation got started? Were you consciously looking for something like this, did things evolve naturally, what was the drama involved if any?
We have all three been friends for about 3 months. I have (within the last 10 years) identified myself as bisexual. My husband has always been OK with that, but he has never been involved. I've not ever identified myself as poly until now. There are no other relationships going on outside of our triad. We have agreed to a "safe-sex" bond - we will not sleep with anyone outside of our group. We do not live together, but are in the same town. I have one child, who is 16. My gf has three kids from age 3 - 13, all from a previous marriage. We spend time together (as a triad) and with all our kids together - and it's always bed and out of bed

This situation got started after a night started with she and I kissing and just lead into more. My husband got involved, with my blessing, that same night. I have been interested in having a girlfriend outside of the marriage, but was not at all sure I wanted my husband to be involved, and had not ever thought we would all be involved together.

I thought that this situation may have just been a one-time thing, but we all decided together that we wanted it to continue.

Since my post yesterday, we have all had a sit-down, grown-up talk and have established some rules.
1. No overnight stays
2. TALK more! If you're not sure what someone means by something...ask!
3. Independent hook-ups are OK ie. she and I, hubby and she, or hubby and I (of course)

The arguing between hubby and gf is very trivial. He said he would come see her at work, and didn't. She's disappointed. OR She makes some comment about some other guy being "the man" - hubby is jealous, but won't admit it.

We are all learning a growing here. it's a whole new ballgame to all three of us.

Anything I didnt' answer? just ask!

Thanks for all your input. I truly appreciate your help. <3
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