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I happen to be involved in BDSM and I would find it helpful if there were a page dedicated to that. I enjoy being able to pop into the spiritual page when I'm looking for poly-spiritual info.

I like being able to pop into the blogs section when I'm looking for info on that.

I'd like being able to pop into the BDSM & Poly section (if it existed) when I was looking for info (or wanting to share info) that pertained to that.

It would make it easier for me to address topics that relate to both the poly and the BDSM topics in my life without feeling so socially awkward. I'm not prone to wanting to get too far into the BDSM discussion in the "general" section because I feel like it's a little "off-topic".
It DOES impact my polydynamic, but it's just a little "off".

Furthermore, it does get a little frustrating to ask a question aimed at other BDSM knowledgable and Poly knowledgable people and have the whole thread derailed into re-explaining what BDSM is.

If there were a BDSM section, I'd HAPPILY create a "dictionary" thread in it like I did in the poly stuff when I found a great "poly dictionary" and kept repeating the same answers all day to newbies....
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