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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Actually according to Sex at Dawn, only the bonobos do this. Chimps do not, they are more territorial, and the females only have sex at estrus, not throughout the menstrual cycle like bonbos. Also, bonobos have lots of gay/lesbian contact. It's so refreshing to see another ape species that is more like humans.

Quite a few humans do use sex as a handshake or a temporary release! Ever been in a bar at closing time?

Remember the hippies? Love the one you're with?
Correct - Bonobos are about the only species of primate that have such open, plentiful, and unassuming sex. That being said however, even ape species which are considered to be "monogamous" are often observed having incidental sexual contact with individuals who are not their mates, often times repeatedly with the same other individual for years. ...a sort of "affair", if you will.

I suppose the point is that NO primates are actually monogamous.
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