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Originally Posted by namerali View Post
1) How did any of you come into the polyamorous lifestyle?
I learned about polyamory online, while trying to figure out what "was wrong with me". I believe I've always been poly but didn't realise there was an option to be (and a word for it). I learned about swinging first, but it didn't sound like it really matched what I was hoping for, and then I learned about polyamory, and it all seemed to finally fall into place for me.

Originally Posted by namerali View Post
2) Why do you enjoy being in a polyamorous relationship?
Simply because it gives me the option to be romantically involved with the people I love, without a number restriction placed on me by other people. Even with only one partner, I can devote myself to my relationship better if I don't resent my partner for "trapping" me in it. It also makes me feel closer to be able to be myself and have them accept and love me for it.
Being able to talk about feelings for someone else and have it be a good thing rather than a bad one, for instance.

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3) How do you deal with the ugliness that jealous and envy can bring?
Honestly, that hasn't happened to me yet. The only thing I can't bear is not feeling included, so I need to be kept informed of what is going on, and warned about plans as soon as they're made, etc. I want to feel like I'm part of the whole relationship, not like it's different relationships separated by a wall I can't see or hear through.
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