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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
French kissing in public is not as acceptable here, but when I referred to tonsil hockey, I meant long, really noisy French kissing. It's the loud sloppy noises that bother me personally.
Ah, yes, that I can understand. I always feel that people who are really disturbed by displays of affection can just look away, but the flipside is to keep that option for them (so, not be loud as you can't "listen away", not do it in a crowded place where people can't look away easily if they want to, not do it in the middle of the way, etc)

Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Americans generally don't touch each other as often as people in other countries. We tend to be a bit uptight, insular, and touch deprived.
I'm not sure that's true. I think it's just in different context. People in the US hug, they call each other by first names and nicknames a lot (including clerks and people on the phone calling you for deals, etc). That doesn't happen in France. Hugging is intimate and for very close relationships, and you call people "sir" or "madam" even if you've known them for yours unless they tell you you can use their first name.
The Internet is one exception where people are more familiar and use the informal "you", but otherwise that's pretty much a no-no.

I know speech isn't the same as touch, so the second part might not seem to address the point, but I just wanted to show that it's just about culture, and different things being okay in different place, in my opinion.

I'm sorry the problem isn't getting better. I don't think I would feel very comfortable having to actively resist being affectionate with a partner. I might be able to tone it down, but it seems my "tone it down" is already most people "too much" here in North America :S
But obviously I'm not being very helpful here... I wish I could help more.
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