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Originally Posted by namerali View Post
1) How did any of you come into the polyamorous lifestyle?
2) Why do you enjoy being in a polyamorous relationship?
3) How do you deal with the ugliness that jealous and envy can bring?
Yay! A poll! I love polls!

1) I can't remember when exactly I first heard the word 'polyamory', but when I found Deborah Anapol's book in the library I immediately recognized the word. It just had an 'ah, this makes sense to me' effect on me. I had truly enjoyed watching documentaries on the subject, and being such a small country, those documentaries are what started the journey of self-discovery for many people from what I've heard!

2) More happiness for everyone! Also, a very rapid programme of self-growth complete with new relationship skills is in store. Lots of processing, which can start off good things in other parts of your life, too. I feel I have so much love to give that no one person could handle all of it. Also, the people I am with are just too good not to share! And you get to meet people and have experiences you wouldn't otherwise.

3) For me, the hardest part is seeing or hearing someone else feel neglected, which can be the starting point for jealousy. Especially if I can't just cuddle the insecurities away, which isn't possible anyway but it would certainly make me feel better.
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