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I hope we decide we can wait to tell my fiance's parents so we can avoid that much more turmoil. I feel so exposed. I hesitate to open myself up to more judgement and disapproval right now. But we are also concerned that the tattler will choose to tell others, including my fiance's parents.

My parents seem dead set on keeping the tattler's identity secret. This means we can't judge the likelihood of that person telling my fiance's parents, perhaps even closer to the wedding date than we are now.

This person is very likely invited to the wedding and might also stir up trouble at the actual affair.

I consider the ceremony to be sacred. I want to be surrounded by love and happy faces, particularly at that time. When I say my vows I don't want to have doubters and scorners around me.

I'm getting married at my mother's house, so I can structure the day as I wish. What do you think about the possibility of making an excuse to invited guests about the ceremony itself having become very small, allowing only a few to be present. I really only want 5 or 6 people who I know support me and my fiance.

I want to have some sort of reception especially for the people who came in town. I'm not sure what sort of financial support we will have after this debacle, and truth be told we ourselves are pretty poor.

We sent out our lovely invitations that we designed ourselves weeks ago. Now everything has changed and they seem pretty irrelevant.