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There are judgmental people in all walks of life, regarding all sorts of things, not just "love-style".

I understand the excitment of wedding planning, and the heartbreak of having someone be a downer in the midst of it.

BUT-it's STILL your wedding and it can STILL be a beautiful, fun and exciting day/night. It's all a matter of you choosing to keep it that way.

You didn't ask for their opinion, so don't put weight in it. Set it to the side the same way you would if they told you that they thought the colors you chose were hideous and they never wanted to have the bad luck of witnessing someone wear them!

It's YOUR wedding-not theirs.
Go, enjoy and make a beautiful memory.

Have a few close-trusted friends "forewarned" so that if ANYONE starts "shit" at the wedding, whether it be nasty comments in an undertone or some other bad behavior, those friends are ready and willing to haul that person out of the venue as quickly and quietly as possible.


No matter WHAT happens in the midst of the wedding celebration-ignore it. Flat ignore anything that isn't perfect about your wedding. Focus on your love.
"Love As Thou Wilt"