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Unhappy I was just outed involuntarily 5 weeks before my wedding

They outed us to my parents. It apparently is someone we know reasonably well or very well. They won't tell us who. What a betrayal. What a self-righteous busy body. The mariage will proceed, but the wedding is likely ruined.

My fiance and I have known each other for 15 years. Last fall we became involved with a woman.

They all say they are sad and disappointed and question why we are getting are getting married, even. They say the idea of our marriage has really been tarnished in their eyes and that when we have people come to our wedding who don't know about our third, that we are lying to them and betraying them. One of them said she specifically does not want our third at the wedding.

I'm rather distraught. We were all on track for a really lovely, fun wedding. Now I'm left wondering how to slash the guest list for at least the ceremony to cut out judgemental parents and the mystery tattler.

My fiance now feels compelled to out us to his parents. This is horrible. I'm scared. Not what we would have chosen. I don't know if his parents will want their financial contribution back. This will leave us with very little money for any kind of reception. I feel terrible for the people who have bought plane tickets and wouldn't be able to get refunds.

I would so appreciate any words of support or advice.