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Default This is ALL very new to me...

This is all very new to me, but Iíll give it my best shot. I guess this will also serve as my introduction. Excuse me if itís a bit scatterbrained. I tend to ramble.

I met my girlfriend, PolyNrrdGrrl, on an online dating site over a month ago and developed a crush on her almost instantly. Having just come off a not-so-satisfying relationship, I had every intention on taking things slower than usual. That didnít work out too well as I was telling her I loved her only a couple weeks later.

I donít remember exactly when she told me she was polyamorous, and I donít remember exactly how I reacted. After hearing more and more about it, I honestly got more and more worried. She had let me know that we were her primary relationship and that she had a girlfriend as well. That sat with me fine. I met her girlfriend and we got along great. However, thinking about her loving other guys was and still pretty much is, kind of upsetting. Still, since then, Iíve started to come to terms with the whole thing. It takes a lot of time, but I eventually warm up to the idea. The only things that worry me are how her other relationships will effect ours, how often we see eachother, or how she feels about me. I know itís stupid, but after my last relationship, I get paranoid very easy and am very afraid of losing her.

She seems to change her mind on what she wants or how she feels about certain aspects, such as the ďprimary relationshipĒ issue, which makes it hard to keep up at times, but I still love her very much and I donít want to quit on us. Itís all very new and strange right now, but I want nothing more than to grow to accept her for every aspect of her life, even those that scare me at first. Sheís totally worth it.

Iím open to any advice or questions you may have. Thanks!
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