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I'm a mostly hippie, though sometimes yuppie, 29 y/o bisexual female living outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I recently married my best friend/boyfriend of 5 years. We both expressed our interest in a poly lifestyle pretty much immediately upon meeting. We both have pasts with other partners and find it silly to think that we should only romantically love one person. While we have participated in a swing lifestyle off and on throughout our relationship, we haven't actively sought out new relationships. We are open to the idea, though.

I'm very interested in intentional communities and feel as though a poly lifestyle would be a natural aspect of my life in that surrounding. I'm finding it harder to anticipate how I would make time for all of the important players in my life right now. We don't have any real immediate plans but are both very receptive/open to the idea of having many loves.

I'm a pretty simple girl with a passion for all things domesticated - love to play housewife/chef. I would honestly be very content barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. I like nudity and hate bras. I really enjoy baking/decorating vegan cakes/cupcakes. When I'm not working as the director of a day program for adults with developmental disabilities, I'm spending time with the family (1 kid some days and 3 kids others). I love to explore nature, make music/sing, renovate my house, garden, can and preserve, and soak up the sun. I love road trips/adventures, swimming and backpacking.

I'd like to find myself surrounded by more kindred souls. I've enjoyed reading all of the post in this thread!

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