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Default How do you know?

How do you know when you genuinely want to be intimate with someone? I ask this because: My husband began dating another woman, a friend of mine. I was/am cool with it; however, I've had moments of jealousy because they both have jobs that make it easier to have free time and socialize. I've felt left out lately, and working a lot.

Recently I was thinking about putting a move on her when she was over at our house, the 3 of us hanging out. But how do I know that my intentions toward her are genuine? Am I just trying to butt in to alleviate my own moments of jealousy? Or do I really want to get it on with her?

I guess the real reason I ask is this: She's not physically my type at all. She is pretty much the opposite of what I like physically. And...yet...suddenly this attraction. It's so...interesting.
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