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Didn't we have another thread about public affection?
As I think I said here, I'm French and to me kissing is French kissing. For me quick pecks are more of a "parent kissing their kid" kind of thing. So if you say "kissing in public" or "a couple kissing" or things like that, I'll always think of "normal kissing" which for me is French kissing.

I'm specifying that because Penny's post right above mine says "kissing is fine" and later specify French kisses aren't, which is always confusing to read for me as I read it like someone in North America would read "kissing is fine, but not if your lips are touching" (and yes, that's possible, if you kiss each other's cheek for instance).

Anyway, for me, French kissing is, as I said, the normal way to kiss, and something I've done in public, in front of my family (brothers, parents, grandparents) and so on without thinking about it. It's a non-issue in France and I used to see couples French kissing on my way to school or work pretty much every day in the bus or subway. It always puts a smile on my face as it's similar, to me, to hearing them say "I love you" or seeing them hug.

I really need to get used to the fact that it's not the same here. I think the people who were offended when seeing pictures of me kissing my boyfriend would have been less so if it had just been a peck. But giving pecks just isn't natural to me. I know Raga was about pecks a lot, but being given pecks so often made me start giving them more often too and more naturally.
You might wonder why it might be a bad thing, but what I meant is that I would start giving them to my coworkers, my boss, my family members, etc. I always managed to stop before actually giving the peck, but most people were weirded out and I had to explain to them what happened.
It's just not a romantic sign of affection to me, just a sign of affection period. I think the most telling thing is that I would almost-peck females just as well as males, while I'm very straight and might not even want to hold hands with a female unless I knew her extremely well.
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