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Well-- looks like for the time being we are back to just us.
It seems she DOES care about me too much to do the alone thing.
So while I am happy that she feels that way, I feel guilt that I could not deal well with it in time.
And I am afraid I have lost all hope of maintaining a friendship with her.

UUUGGGHHH I am so ready to stop feeling bad. Am I paying 10 fold for the heaven we had? I just want that happiness again. For both or even just one of us- I could deal in time. I just want everyone to be happy.
"Imagine a life, alien to yours. In which your memories were not your own, but those shared by every other of your kind. Imagine the torment of that existence, no experiences to call your own."
"If it was all you knew, maybe it would be a comfort"
"What if you were to discover something different... Something better..."

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